For mission critical messages the name of the game is back-up and redundancy. That is why American Messaging offers PageCopy™.

PageCopy™ takes all your incoming pages and duplicates them to an unlimited number of addresses of your choice, such as cellular text messages or email. Now you can never miss a message again for less than you spend on a cup of coffee per month.

*PageCopy™ is not intrusive and messages will appear amongst all other text messages and emails. Text messaging and email are neither secure or encrypted. If your job requires this functionality, please refer to the IntelliMessage┬« applications page.
  • Backup - With PageCopy™, you can duplicate all of your pages to another device or address, i.e. your cellular phone, or even another person's device.
  • Out of Coverage - Use PageCopy™ to duplicate your pages on your cellular phone while you are out of paging coverage.
  • Save the Data - Ever delete a page you needed to read again? Pagers only hold 16 to 32 pages at a time - maybe you need to review a page from last week, last month or last year.
Key Features
  • Notify Secondary Responders - Your Code Teams need instant notification by pager. Now administrators or anyone on a "need to know" basis can have your emergency page copied to their phone or email.
  • Reporting - A record of your pages in your email inbox, their dates, times and content are invaluable for reconstructing an emergency report.
  • Vacation - With PageCopy™, leave your pager in the drawer at home. At your leisure, you can check your cellular phone if you want to keep up.
Product Specifications
  • Data and text messaging rates apply. Check your cellular plan.
  • Text messaging and email is neither secured or encrypted. If your job requires this functionality, please refer to the IntelliMessage® applications page.

PageCopy™ can be easily set up and managed through My Paging Account without calling customer support. To access My Paging Account please click here.